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This bag has been designed for the specific purpose of being carry-on luggage. This means that it is small enough to be within the regulations of most airlines. It is also very lightweight, which means that you can pack it full, without the fear of being over the weight limit when you are boarding your flight. The interior of the bag provides you with enough space to pack anything you want or need. You also have a number of different pockets, including a large one on the front that will provide you with both organization, as well as more storage space. The zippers are also easy to use and work smoothly.
American Tourister Luggage Splash 21in Upright Suitcase

American Tourister Luggage Splash 21in Upright Suitcase

 There is no question that airlines are becoming much stricter about the size of your carry-on luggage. If you are over the size limit, you face hefty fines in order to store your bag in the actual aircraft. In most cases, these are costs that most travelers will take all steps possible to avoid. This is the number one reason that you should select a bag that has been designed based on the modern carry-on specifications. When you do this, it means that you no longer have to be concerned about whether or not your bag will be over the designated size limit. The fact is, when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck for a carry-on bag the American Tourister Luggage Splash 21” Upright Suitcase is definitely the whole package.

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The American Tourister Luggage Splash 21″ Upright Suitcase has a number of different ways to carry it, which includes a top and bottom handle, as well as one on the side. This will come in useful for a variety of different situations. In most cases, however, you will likely be using the built-in wheels for quick and easy moving from place to place. While the majority of low-end luggage has cheap, plastic wheels, the ones on this bag functional exceptionally well for the affordable cost.

The bag is constructed of 100 percent polyester, which anyone who has lived through the ‘70s knows is both tough and durable. The handles on the top and the side of the bag are padded, which means that you will not feel discomfort, even when you lift a filled-to-the-brim bag. The interior has been designed for ultimate storage and organization for travelers and provides expansion for additional packing capacity. There is also a larger front zippered pouch that offers even more space.

The American Tourister Luggage Splash 21″ Upright Suitcase measures 21 inches by 14.5 inches by eight inches and weighs only 8.2 pounds. This makes it one of the most lightweight carry-on bags that are available on the market today. Currently, you can purchase the bag in black, Solar Rose or Turquoise.


The American Tourister Luggage Splash 21″ Upright Suitcase offers a light weight option for carry-on luggage. Since this bag was designed specifically to be a carry-on piece, it will fit in the majority of major airline bins, meaning that you can avoid the huge fees that are required for putting the bag in the storage area of the plane. One of the most appealing factors of this bag is the fact that while it is durable, designed with efficiency in mind and easy to use, it is still affordable, making it the perfect option for any traveler.

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