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The Travelpro Maxlite 2 is the perfect luggage when you are interested in travelling light. It is ultra-lightweight, sturdy, and affordable. It is the ideal luggage for people who are constantly travelling. Its size fits within all overhead compartments on domestic airlines, which make it the perfect carry on bag. Also, it is big enough to hold a few weeks wardrobe without any problems.

travelpro maxlite 2 carry on bag - ocean blue

Travelpro is the choice of flight crews and frequent travelers everywhere. Travelling is infinitely more fun and more relaxing when your luggage is light, maneuverable, and efficient – and this bag meets all of those criteria.

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This suitcase is equipped with an extendable handle sturdy enough to support the weight and stress of constant use. In addition to having two well-mounted wheels, there are two support stands to enable the bag to stand in a stable position at full weight and different angles. As a standard feature, the zipper pulls are built with holes to accommodate small scale locks for rather secure travelling.

Pure polyester has been used to craft this luggage which makes it very durable while keeping its weight light enough for convenient travelling. It is 22” high and 14” wide which is perfect for packing all of the clothes and accessories you need for a trip. Also, this bag is designed to expand up to 1.5”, which adds significant capacity to the bag when you need a bit of extra space. Do note though, that if you expand the bag it will probably not fit within most airlines carry on size restrictions. The exterior of the luggage is tough enough to take on quite a beating. Two handles are fitted vertically and horizontally for easy handling. The handles are crafted from neoprene making the luggage easy to carry around and comfortably grip, even with a heavy load. The handle tubes are specifically grooved to handle significant weight without breaking. The handles also serve as support posts for totes and other small bags.

The Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 2 comes in two colors; black and ocean blue. The design is simple yet fully functional. This bag only weighs 6.4 pounds. Thanks to the 100% polyester build, it is light yet tough enough to take on long term use.


The pockets on the front are conveniently placed for fast packing and quick access. There are two pockets. One is the front pocket which isn’t zipped at full length but has a generous opening that can easily accommodate a light sweater or jacket, magazines, newspapers, or basically anything that you want to be able to easily get to. The interior is equipped with several pockets and dividers for ease of packing and organization.

 The interior of the luggage is covered by several layers of fine polyester which provides a water resistant barrier to keep your belongings dry. There are also a number of compartments inside which makes it perfect for storing documents and gadgets like laptops, phones, and other electronic equipment.


When it comes to travelling, versatility, convenience, good size, and design are some of the most important things a person should look for in their luggage. The Travelpro Maxlite 2 has all of this and more, which is why it is one of the most popular bags for casual and frequent travelers. All in all, this particular model is perfect for anyone looking for a quality piece of luggage at an affordable price.

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